In 2014, STB Alum Paul McCullough joined fellow Navy Seals, Gabriele Gomex, Adam LaReau and attorney Craig Coffey to start O2X, an authentic active lifestyle company.  O2X’s goal is to be a world class leader in human performance and to inspire an active, accountable, healthy lifestyle grounded in community engagement, experiential learning, respect for the environment, and a journey to push personal limits.

O2X offers interactive educational seminars, a Human Performance Project, epic Summit Challenges, Specialized Training Plans, an Executive Development Program,  nutritional advice from the top professionals in the industry and continued community engagement opportunities, all designed to unlock your potential so you can perform at your best.  The program is built upon O2X’s five pillars of performance: nutrition, sleep, stress management, resilience and physical conditioning, summarized through its’  “Eat. Sweat. Thrive” methodology. Most recently, O2X conducted a training event with the Boston Fire Department.  If you have an athletic or corporate team you’d like to ‘Rise Higher, or you would like to take part in O2x’s Summit Challenges, contact Paul at or at to find out about this unique and exciting company!


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